The law of attraction

The law of attraction

When people began to learn about the technique of manifestation, they often come across the law of attraction. A further question is how does this work?  This is a good question even if you have working with manifestation to attract your dreams for some time.  Manifestation is fascinating topic and there is a lot of new research being done in that area.

Here are some things to know about this:

  1. The Law of Attraction works constantly and continuously.

Attraction is not spell that only works when you aim it at someone, like a wand or magicians trick. It doesn’t work at specific times. It is always working. It influences everything you do and experience each day.  Instead of thinking of the power of the lawy, thing about directing the energy that is involved in getting you what you want.

  1. Your results are dependent on your personal frequency.

We all have a frequency, either low or high. This frequency is an important factor in figuring out whether you will be successful at manifesting your dreams. How do you adjust your frequency? To create a high level of frequency, you should work to have a positive outlook.

  1. Your subconscious mind matters

If you are think you are positive and putting out positive energy, you may still be having difficulties bringing your goals to fruition. This may be because you have some negativity in parts of your unconscious.  This is not your fault. This is shaped by your background and genetics.

4. Your manifestation is determined by your intention.

If you are having problems manifesting, examine your intentions.  Your intention point comes from the space that resides between your heart and mind.  Once you examine where your intention is coming from, you will be able to put forth  the appropriate energy.  You can do this by looking over what you truly need versus what you want.

  1. You will receive what you focus on.

You are most likely to get the things you are focused on.  If you are not getting it, it may be because you aren’t focused on the wrong part. Focus instead on trusting the universe and be positive.

The Law of Attraction has gone in and out of fashion, yet it continues to hold interest in the fields of psychology, neurology and physics. Studies are learning more and more about how the universe works in relation to us and our needs.  Ultimately, realize that your potential is as limitless as the Universe and that your energy affects your place int he world.