Looking Confident Even When You Aren’t

Looking Confident

Confidence is more than just making a good impression on someone. The problem though is that some people have a hard time being confident.  It is harder to be confident even more when you are around people that you don’t know or in situations that make you feel uncomfortable.

Most people have a hard time feeling confident all the time, but the point is to try and look confident even when you don’t feel it. Here is how:

Stand Up Tall

When you are standing up tall and you keep your back supported, this can make you look more confident. People that are slouchy when they stand look like they have no confidence at all. Always practice standing up tall and do this before you go into a room.

The best way to make this happen is to stretch over your head and then put your arms down. Keep that pose that was there when you had your hands up. This might look silly, but it works.

Look Them in the Eyes

If you want to increase your confidence level dramatically, look at a person in their eyes. Even when you are in a place where you don’t know someone, looking in the peoples eyes will make you confident looking.

You should make eye contact with anyone you are talking to or anyone talking to you. If you don’t do this, you will look shy.

Stand Still

Don’t fidget around when you are standing or sitting. People will fidget because they get nervous or because it is a habit. Some people move their bodies a lot when they talk.

If you feel that you are fidgeting, make sure that you stand tall and that you keep your hands down. Speak with someone and ask them to show you where you looked fidgety.

Speak Clearly

Don’t speak too fast and don’t speak too quietly. This will cause you to look like you aren’t sure what you are saying. Take the time with the things that you are going to say and speak loud and clearly. Make good word choices and you will sound more confident.

Allow It to Be Quiet

There is nothing wrong with things getting quiet. The silence that you hear is not always awkward, but it is a time that can be useful. This can allow the conversation that you are having to be heard and it can also be a consideration to show that you are confident in what you are saying.

Show Your Hands

The way that you hold your hands will tell a lot about you. Make sure that you show your hands in the conversation that you have. Don’t fidget but you can use your hands to touch someone on the shoulder if this is warranted or if not, keep them by your side. Don’t put your hands in your pocket.

Take Larger Steps

When you go into a room, take larger steps. Don’t be hurried or take small steps that make you walk more. Keep your posture and take bigger steps and you will look more confident.

Final Thoughts

By looking confident, you will get to the point where you are confident. You can trick your mind into believing that you are confident in how you hold yourself. By using good posture and keeping your hands out without fidgeting, you are showing people that you are being attentive and respectful of them.