Understanding Modern Day Mixed Signals from Guys

Modern Day Mixed Signals from Guys

When someone wants to sleep with you, chances are that they will send you mixed signals. Here are some of the signals that you are likely to get if you are dealing with a guy that is just using you:

  • He will call you repeatedly or text you and then you won’t hear from him for a week or more.
  • You will get a text after a few weeks that says, “sorry, I have been so busy lately…”
  • He will make plans and then cancel them last minute.
  • You will get a snapchat at some strange hour at night just to see if you open it or not.
  • He will tell stories that you know are false just to get you to pay attention to him.
  • Comes back after missing for so long and say something right when you are ready to be over him.
  • He will say something sweet to you after being a complete jerk.
  • Sends you a text after so many days that you don’t even know how to answer.
  • When you are ready to move on, he will make you fall in love with him again.
  • He will use dating apps and pick you just to see if you picked him.
  • He tags you in things on Facebook or Instagram just so that you can notice him.
  • Likes or loves some of your random posts.
  • Treats you better once you start talking to other guys.
  • Asks you if you are at certain places that he knows you will be at and then ignores you once you get there.
  • Tells you he is happy for you even though he doesn’t mean it.
  • Starts treating you kindly after you start treating him the way he has been treating you.
  • Asks you to meet him for dinner but never sets a real time.
  • Sends you texts late at night but then doesn’t respond later.
  • Tells you he isn’t serious but then talks about the future together.
  • Tells you he wants to be friends but then asks you for sex.
  • Talks to you about everything but being in a relationship.
  • Complements you but then treats you badly.
  • Makes you feel guilty when he is the one doing things wrong.
  • Follows you on social media and then unfollows you.
  • Turns on and off the read receipts of your texts.
  • Tries to make you jealous and then tells you that you are ridiculous for how you acted.
  • Once you start growing apart, he will blame you and tell you how much you have changed.
  • Sends you snaps or texts and tells you he is thinking of you when you haven’t talked to him in weeks.
  • Asks you questions to start a conversation.
  • Tells you what you want to hear but only when he is drunk.
  • Talks about future plans but you know he will never be serious with you.
  • Takes screenshots of your conversations and throws them in your face.
  • Will want you to complement him more and he will never complement you back.
  • Wants to have an emotional relationship with you until you trust him.
  • Treats you great at first and then like trash later.
  • Refuses to talk to you about things that are important.
  • Doesn’t let you meet his friends or family and if he does, they aren’t interested in you because they know he isn’t interested in you.
  • He is always on the phone when he is with you, but he wants you to always answer his texts immediately.
  • He is always too busy for you but tells you he misses you.
  • Tells everyone he loves them and throws it around like the word isn’t important.