6 Truths to Remember When Others Try to Cancel You

6 Truths to Remember When Others Try to Cancel You

Today’s world is crazy with everyone trying to prove they are right. The problem with that is they often feel they must trample over the opinions of others to be right. That can present significant problems for those who are caught in the fray.

Those who feel they have been misunderstood or their opinions misconstrued can be left feeling invalidated and even unworthy of their emotions. This is a terrible situation that should not exist. There are six truths to apply to your life when someone tries to initiate the cancel culture on you.

  1. The word “crazy” doesn’t apply. People will call you nuts, crazy, or some other word as a way to ignore your and your opinion. This tells you two things. First, it tells you they don’t have a logical argument. Secondly, they aren’t interested in what you have to say. That is because they feel you are a bother and they prefer to pretend you don’t exist. This is a character flaw shown in them rather than in you.
  2. Others can’t permit you to feel the way you do. A real problem in today’s society is that some feel that if you don’t follow the cultural norm, then you are on the fringe and not worthy of time and attention. That is not true as the world is filled with millions of viewpoints and not all are the same. You don’t need other’s approval to feel the way you do. You have a right to your convictions, beliefs, and viewpoints.
  3. People now likely won’t be in your future.

Seeing things for the long-term future rather than just in the hear and now will put everything in perspective. Sure, those who try to cancel you may seem like an important part of your life now but will they be there is five, 10, or 20 years from now? The answer is probably no unless they are family members.  Just remember, their opinions won’t matter in terms of making a difference in the world. Distance yourself to avoid their toxic nature.

  1. Don’t hide your feelings to avoid conflicts. This can be a big issue for a lot of people but all that does is make you feel ashamed. It’s not that you must pick fights and debates with people but speaking up in the proper situation can make others think about what they are saying or doing. That may take some courage on your part, but hiding your feelings or views will not help control bullies. It only gives them more power.
  2. Don’t become cynical. Becoming hardened is easy to do if you are chronically canceled by others who presume you aren’t valued the same as everyone else. However, the world doesn’t see things that way. There are plenty of good people who have the same feelings and views you do so learn to find those people and be inspired.
  3. The people who count will encourage you to express yourself even if they aren’t comfortable with it.

People who are confident and successful understand that different viewpoints are beneficial to the world. That includes companies, groups, charities, and friendships. Seek to find these people and develop these relationships.

Dealing with the cancel culture is hard and can be painful but once you set some strategies to deal with it, you will find that you are more confident and respected by all.