Fluid Bonding

Fluid Bonding

Should you use a condom or should you not? Having sex without a condom can be dangerous but it is also called fluid bonding.

Fluid bonding supposedly has both risks and benefits, but it is safer to have sex without this kind of living.

What is Fluid Bonding?

Fluid bonding is a term that means having sex without barriers. This means that you will increase your life and your relationship, and you will become more serious. Removing barriers during sex is something that sets up a new milestone in your relationship.

Some people think this is a good way to live because they hate wearing condoms. Anyone who says that having barriers has sex not work has not found the right person to be with. There are different kinds of condoms that can have sex enjoyable and even enhance the feeling of sex.


Fluid bonding is risky because you can end up pregnant or with a disease. If you are thinking about fluid bonding, do all these things:


Take time to get tested to make sure that you do not have a disease that you can spread to others. Get a full panel so that your partner will be safe.

Some STI’s do not show when you get tested so make sure you are healthy too.


Share the results of your test with your partner. Let them know if they need to be careful and what information they need to have.

If you have HPV, for example, this can happen with direct contact even if you don’t have an outbreak. Not using condoms can make you transmit a virus to your partner that may never get better.

Even if you are on medication, you can spread these STD’s later.


Make sure that you set up relationship rules and that you set up boundaries such as only being with each other. Learn to trust each other and agree to be monogamous. This means you are protecting each other from diseases, and you trust that the other won’t cheat.

Fluid bonding is a big decision and if you do this, it affects you and whoever you are sleeping with or your partner is sleeping with. Here are things you need to set up as questions or boundaries:

  • What acts can you do with others?
  • What kind of rules are there to sleeping with other people?
  • How often will you get tested?
  • What if you want to get fluid bonded with your partner?
  • What if you get an STD or get pregnant?

If you or your partner do not agree with all of the barriers, then you need to use protection and not try fluid bonding.

Birth Control

Always talk about birth control with your partner and the different options that you will have. There are many great options that are available today.

How to Talk to Your Partner

You need to be open and honest if you are going to sleep with your partner. If you are exclusive with each other and you want to fluid bond, talk about it.

There should always be barriers and rather you use barriers or not, you have consequences that you might have to face with fluid bonding. Think this over thoroughly before you make the choice.