What Does Tarot Have to Do with Love?

Love Tarot

People often go for a tarot reading when they have questions about love. What is going to happen in your relationship? What will love to be like? Will I find new love? All of these questions can have interactions with the tarot card and can help to show you the changes that will come in your life.

Drawing more than one card can help you to have details in your reading. There are a total of twelve different love cards, and they can bring you peace and joy and hep you find new relationships.

The cards are organized by suits and each deck has a mantra of love. When you say the love mantra, it can help you to have positive energies.

Major Arcana Love Cards

The Major Arcana cards come when something big happens in your life. They aren’t there for the small things. They will show up when something life changing is going to happen.

Pay special attention to these cards if you get a love reading:


You want to see the Lovers card in a tarot reading. Some believe that this card means that you will find new love, but it comes when you can have love or a deeper level of friendship or romance.

The intentions that you have in your life have to work with your desires and when they do and you get the Lovers card, you will see that you will be more intimate with your partner.

This card can help you to see your intentions and to be confident in your life. Here are some things to ask if you get this card:

  • What do I feel about my lover?
  • What do I need to understand my relationship?
  • Can I understand my lover?


This is a great card if you want to be open to new relationships. This card comes sometimes when people are single, and they have grown into the world and are ready to have more.

A person that gets this card has to have self-care and has to figure out how to put more energy into their relationship.

If you get this card, let love find you. Whatever relationship you are in, this is a sign that you need to nurture the relationship and you need to have more care.

Ask yourself these questions if you get this card:

  • What kind of boundaries do I need to put up?
  • How can I nurture my partner and still take care of myself?


This card is sometimes looked like a negative card. He is like a Pope, and he is often seen as boring. He also is a historical creature that gives relationships a strong meaning.

If you get this card, it can mean you are going to have a ritual and you are going to be able to identify your relationship. This can be a step that you take towards marriage or a new relationship.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What does commitment look like to me?
  • How can I define my role in this relationship?
  • How does my relationship make me feel like I belong?


The sun card is often followed by the Star and the Moon, and these cards come when hard lessons come along.

When things are over, you will see that the sun brings positive energy. If you get this in your reading, this can mean that something good is about to come to your life.

If you are trying to have a baby, this can mean you are pregnant and if you are searching for something like a house, it can mean you are going to find it.

Here are some questions to ask if you draw this card:

  • How can I be happy with my lover?
  • How can we show others our joy?

Love Tarot Cups Cards

The cups is a suit of the tarot cards that means deep emotions.

Two of Cups

If you get this card, it can mean that you are ready to change up your relationship. It can mean that you are able to communicate well and that you and your partner might have a deep conversation or even an argument that day.

This can mean you are vulnerable and open and that you feel strong.

Here are some questions to ask:

  • What can I do to feel validated?
  • What does my partner need from me?
  • How can we both agree on things?

Ten of Cups

This card is a happy and inspirational card. This helps you to accept love and to handle things that come to you.

This card can mean you are going to be happy in your relationship and that you will need to inspire others along the way.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • How can I make this relationship work?
  • How can family help me?

Knight of Cups

This card is one that can be amazing and have strong love energy.

If you get this card, it can mean someone is coming into your life and it will change how you look at love. If you have not loved like this before, your love will grow. You will have more pleasure and you will feel that your love is impactful and strong.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • How can I do different things to make my relationship better?
  • What do I love most about my partner?
  • How can I keep a sense of self when not in the relationship?

Love Tarot Wand Cards

This is a card that works with the element of fire. This isn’t a passive card and is meant to bring new energies.

Ace of Wands

This card is a card that is sexy and can invoke lust and sensual feelings. This is a card that can mean that you are being real and playful.

If you get this card, ask these questions:

  • When do I feel the most beautiful?
  • What is something I have always wanted to do with my partner but never asked?
  • How can I be sure that my sexual experiences are safe?

Four of Wands

The sun card is often part of celebrating and this card can also mean a celebration. This card can mean that you are going to be engaged or that you are going to have a deeper commitment with someone.

If you are single and aren’t looking for someone to be with, this can mean that you are going to enjoy the life of dating.

Here are some things to ask yourself:

  • What is romantic to me?
  • How can I commit to the world around me?

Six of Wands

This card is a confident card and can mean success. If you get this card, you need to understand that you will have conflict, and this can be a new foundation for you.

This is a card that often comes when someone just starts a new relationship. This can be an argument or a desire that you both have.

If you are in a steady relationship, it can mean that you can make anything work between you and your partner.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What helps me when times are hard?
  • How can these lessons help me to deal with conflict?

Love Tarot Pentacles Cards

The Pentacle cards are about material things. They often come with a tarot love reading. They show things about security in your relationship.

Ten of Pentacles

This card can mean you are entering into a new relationship. This person that you meet will make you feel secure.

You can count on this person to stand by you through anything and you can talk to them about what you want and need.

Here are questions to ask yourself if you get this card:

  • What things in my life support my love?
  • How can I get energy and be kinder to others?

Queen of Pentacles

Having grounding energy will help you to be strong in yourself. If you get this card, it can mean that you have someone that is supporting you in your personal life.

When you get this card, ask for what you want now. Maybe you want to be a mom, or you want to change your career. You will have love that will support what you need.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What does a secure relationship look like to you?
  • How can you support those who love you?

A Love Reading without Swords Cards

What happens with the sword? Remember that the sword is a weapon and if you get a sword, it can mean that your emotions are high.

This is a suit of card that seeks the truth. This can mean that you and your partner are progressing and that you love and support each other.

The swords cards are sometimes needed to move forward in your relationship, and you can get them in love.

Imagine that you get a Rider Waite card, but you also get a Swords card in the love reading. This means that you need to take a minute and look at the situation and see what is going on. Does this seem like something that you want?

Court Cards

Some court cards are positive cards in a love reading. Not all court cards that come into your tarot reading represent people.

The suit of rank card can mean love and your love life while some cards link with the zodiac sign so that you can know if you fall under the same sign.

  • Wands cards represent the fire signs of Aries, Sagittarius, and Leo.
  • Cups cards represent water signs of Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio.
  • Swords cards represent the air signs of Libra, Gemini, and Aquarius.
  • Pentacle cards represent earth signs such as Virgo, Taurus, and Capricorn.

When these court cards interact with other cards, it can show you how someone will act and what actions you will have in return with them.