Increasing Your Self Esteem for a Happier Life

Increasing Your Self Esteem for a Happier Life

If you want to live your best life, you need to make sure that you stop beating yourself up and start loving yourself more.

When you find yourself in a place where you do not care who you are then you will see that you have a habit of beating yourself up and this can be things that you find that you are doing over and over again to yourself.

Maybe you are comparing yourself to other people such as how you look, how successful you are, who you are dating or not dating, and chances are you will be stuck in negativity.

Having low self-esteem is a bad place to be and there are things that you can do, small steps, that can help you to have better self-esteem and more self-love. Doing these things can help you to get rid of old habits and start doing something new.

Comparing Yourself

One of the worst things you can do in your life is to compare yourself to other people. Doing this can cause you to feel bad about who you are or what you have accomplished in life.

Instead of doing that, compare yourself to where you used to be and where you are now. Notice how much you have grown and how successful you are compared to your past.

Be Kind

Learn to be kind to other people and you will find happiness in your life.

Even if you are around people that do not bring you joy or are not kind to you, be kind anyways.

Learn to listen to what people have to say and let them know what they are saying is important. Focus on these people and allow them to know you care.

Give people complements, even if you don’t mean them. Learn to find the positive things in people and learn to accept them and their differences.

Allow people into your life even if you feel like you are in control and don’t need anyone. Be kind to them and make new friends.

Take time each day to give to others. Find ways that you can help a neighbor or a friend or even at a homeless shelter or some other volunteer place.


Instead of giving up on life when you make mistakes, learn to love yourself more and be your own best friend. Care about yourself and learn to support yourself.

Do things that you think will make you feel better and see yourself in the perspective that people that love you see you in.

Being Perfect

Realize that you cannot be perfect, no one is. Stop being afraid to try new things because you are afraid of messing up.

One of the problems with being a perfectionists is that you don’t want to do things because you are afraid of messing up.

Remind yourself that you are good enough and that you can do whatever you want to do. You will have good results and you will do better once you see that you are able to.

Do not put time into always trying to be perfect but just try to be better.


There are reasons why having good self-esteem is important and as you get older you will figure this out. Here are some reasons having good self-esteem is important:

  • You will feel lighter.
  • You will stop seeing your mistakes as so big.
  • You will see things in a simple way.
  • You will not be as needy.
  • You will love yourself more.
  • You will have a better opinion of yourself without seeking it from other people.
  • You will stop causing yourself to fail because you will love yourself more and see the good in yourself.
  • You will be more attracted to others and you will attract better relationships.

All of the things above can help you to be happier and to live a good life. Look at your self-esteem and see what you can improve in order to have a good life.