How to Stop Emotional Vampires from Draining Your Energy

How to Stop Emotional Vampires from Draining Your Energy

Some people make you feel bad and you hate being around them. They drain you immediately and they can cause you more stress than you want.

There are people that will often drain your emotions and will stop you in your tracks and these people are called emotional vampires. They are people that are hard to talk to and can make you feel bad about who you are.

Emotional vampires come in different forms and they can be found at home, in your workplace or even just walking by you.

Emotional Vampires

There are different emotional vampires and they have different traits. Here are some of the differences that you can see in the kind of emotional vampire you meet:

Antisocial Vampires

The antisocial vampires have different traits such as:

  • Overly friendly.
  • Excited.
  • Wants to be stimulated.
  • Gets bored fast.
  • Can figure out what you desire, even hidden ones.
  • Does not worry or doubt about things.
  • Has no real direction in life.
  • Acts cool when there are problems.
  • Are bullies.
  • Intimidates people.
  • Has no idea of what is moral.
  • Makes you feel on the edge.

These antisocial vampires are very deceptive, and they will manipulate you and take your secrets and dominate over you. These people demand that you follow their own unspoken rules and they will make you like them and treat them a certain way.

One example of this is someone that makes empty promises that they cannot keep just to keep you close to them.

In order to stop an antisocial vampire, you have to ignore their promises and threats and be careful when you tell them things.


The traits of a Histrionic energy vampire are:

  • They want attention.
  • They want you to approve of them.
  • They are extroverts. They want an audience to swoon over them.
  • They believe people can make their problems disappear by working hard.
  • They make their own conflict by ignoring things that are problems.
  • They expect problems to go away by magic.
  • Are full of gossip.
  • Keep secrets.
  • Have little real communication.
  • Are passive aggressive.
  • Respond to stress by getting sick.
  • Make you feel like you are dreaming when you have a problem.

This kind of emotional vampire will be someone that will have an agenda and will make you feel that you are always wrong.

This person will do a good job and motivate others just so that they can get attention and then never do anything to really make the project work.

You can stop this from happening by talking to them and learning from them. Tell them when you are wrong and allow them to do their own thing away from you.


The main traits of the narcissist include:

  • Telling people how smart they are.
  • Ignoring you once they get close to you.
  • Always wanting to win.
  • Always in competition with others.
  • Live out their fantasies.
  • Feel entitled to everything and anything they want.
  • Nothing is ever good enough for them.
  • They want to be superstars to everyone.
  • They think they are their own legend.
  • They don’t work well with others.
  • They make you feel that you are worthless or no good.

The narcissist will have rules that are unwritten that they want you to follow. They will give you fake ideas and information and they will make you like them so much just to pull you in. Once they have you where they want you, they will treat you bad and make you think that it is all in your mind.

This person will show off in front of others and will never really accomplish things.

In order to fight against this, you need to say what you mean and stand up to it. Do not let these people treat you poorly and if you are in a relationship with them, get out as soon as you can.

Obsessive Compulsive

The traits of someone that is obsessive compulsive are:

  • Being perfectionists.
  • Taking a long time to make decisions.
  • Not throwing things away.
  • Very reliable people.
  • They follow the law.
  • Will not hurt you unless you take over their control.
  • Are perfectionists that want people to be perfect with them.

When you meet someone with this personality, they will set priorities and they will always be overwhelmed in what they do. They do boring tasks and they focus on getting things done instead of seeing the end game.

This kind of person will always stay late at work to get work done and will always want something important to do with their life.

The best way to fight against this is to make sure that you give this person credit where it is deserved and praise them when they do something good.


The traits of someone that is paranoid include:

  • Not accepting things for what they are.
  • Not accepting truth.
  • Looking for rules to live by.
  • Very perceptive.
  • Do not tolerate ambiguity.
  • Thinks everything is about them.
  • They are not predictable.
  • They do not forgive easily.
  • Very vindictive.
  • Do not trust others.
  • Look down on other people.
  • See themselves as persecuted and mistreated.
  • Make promises but do not keep them.

Even though we all live in a world where we believe in things, we have to understand that life is not the same for everyone. We sometimes feel punished and this is how someone that is paranoid seems to always feel.

This can be someone that will spend hours trying to get things to work and will feel that she is never getting anything done. She will feel that the rules that are there do not really apply to her and will work around them.

Ask yourself who is being benefited by their actions. Never hide things form them and be loyal when you need to be.


Vampires are people that have irrational needs. They do not know how to handle their emotions and so they will put their own emotions on you.

These are people that will do certain things that will get under your skin or will drain your energy. If you can avoid being around an emotional vampire, do it and this can help you to be more at peace in your life.