How to Overcome any Mistake that had Been Done

How to Overcome any Mistake that had Been Done

All of us make mistakes. It’s normal for each and everyone to make a mistake be it a small scale one or a real one. It’s normal and it doesn’t have to look bad after all. The lesson a mistake teaches can be used to measure its impact. James Joyce a writer once said that “mistakes are the portals of discovery.

You may choose to limit the damages of your mistakes quickly if it affects other individuals financially, physically or emotionally.  This will help you protect your reputation and reduce the impact it will cause on others. Below are ways you can overcome any mistake that had been done.

  1. Own and for your mistakes

The most essential thing to do is to accept that you made a mistake. Just say “yes I messed up.” Putting blames on others will only earn you shame. Just own up and work on fixing it. There’s no reason to find excuses. Just admit that you’ve made a mistake and think on how you can fix it.

  1. Say you are sorry

This can at least show that you care, although it might not help solve the problem. Saying that you are sorry doesn’t make you look vulnerable. on the other hand, it even shows that you want to better yourself. Therefore, you need to know how that can be done. An effective apology is made up of an admission of responsibility.

  1. Be easy with yourself

At this point, what you need to do is to just follow the above advice and learn from your wrongdoings. What is done is done. Do not pay much attention to what transpired or wished you had done anything differently. You will never gain anything from regrets, you will never go far if you keep regretting although it may give you something to do.

  1. Learn your lesson

There’s a lesson learned from every mistake. What do you learn from your mistake? Is there chance that if such a thing comes up again you’ll do something different? According to Albert Einstein, insanity is doing the same thing over and over again while expecting different results. If you don’t learn from your wrongdoings, how sure are you that it won’t happen again later?

  1. Reflect and share

You are not the only one who will learn from your wrongdoings, the individuals who surround you too. Just reflect on what went wrong, what made it happen and how differently you can do things next time, then share your findings with others. By doing so, you’ll be helping others not to make the same mistake while gaining respect on your side too.