How to fix mistakes of any kind

How to fix mistakes of any kind

Sometimes we all joke. Although quite a number of mistakes are small and don’t cause much harm in this world, some hurt others and have to be dealt with once and for all. Below are ways you can tackle any mistake be in personal or business wise.

  1. Directly acknowledge the mistake

Don’t ignore a mistake already made thinking it will go away. Ignoring it won’t solve anything, you will just look stupid. Accept the fact that you have messed up. State that particular thing you did and how much you regret it.

  1. Be responsible

It is normal for human beings to be defensive. We find it hard to accept that we are wrong. Refrain from blame games. We are not perfect and we mess up even when we don’t know. However, all the good things won’t change the fact that you did something wrong. Don’t blame others or don’t use any kind of situation to make an excuse. By doing so, it means all you care about is just getting out of trouble and not dealing with the problem at hand.

  1. Apologize

You should say sorry to the person you have wronged. It is an indication that the person you have wronged can make a decision whether to forgive you or not. It’s an acknowledgment that you need to be forgiven. And it’s now upon the offended person to either accept and move on or refuse your apology and leave you with nothing to do. No one wants to look bad and not accept an apology. If you, however, don’t apologize, the offended person won’t know whether to forgive you or not.

  1. Make up for the mistake practically

There’s always nothing you can do to make up for a mistake done in a few rare cases. For example, you hit a neighbor’s dog and it died. Offering to buy a new dog won’t help. Nevertheless, there are certain situations where you can amend a mistake done. You can offer to pay for a lost, broken or damaged property. You might offer to go counseling together with a person you have hurt on a deeper level.

  1. Let the other person have time to think and respond

It’s hard for a person to let go of hurt especially if the hurt is deep. Don’t force them to respond immediately. Individuals need time to think and let go of the feeling. Accept that you are wrong and offer suggestions to make amends. Then relax and say something like “I’ll give you time to think over it.” Suggest another time and talk.

  1. Listen and give feedback

Give time for the other person to talk. Let them share their hurt and listen to them. By doing so, you’ll be able to understand and get to the bottom line of the problem.

  1. Do what you’ve said you will do

This is the most essential point. If you’ve suggested a way to make up for the mistake and it has been acknowledged, make up for it quickly. Failing to fulfill your promise will only worsen the situation. And you will not be taken seriously when you decide to apologize again.