Healthy Habits

Healthy Habits

A habit is something that you do on a regular basis and is something that becomes hard to give up.  When we hear the word habit, we sometimes think this as a bad thing, but we forget that we have learned to do good habits just as much or more as bad ones.

If you want to be healthier and have a stronger mind, here are some things that can help you to reach towards healthy and happy, good habits:


Make sure that you drink water.  Being hydrated is important and even though most people think about having a cup of coffee when they wake up, everyone should drink a glass of water right when getting out of the bed.

Doing this can help to keep your joints lubricated and your gastrointestinal tract moving better.  This can also help you to be more alert and stronger.

Water that is room temperature is the best thing to drink first thing in the morning before other drinks.


People are always talking about the benefits of vegetables and any healthy diet should include vegetables.

There are a large variety of fruits and vegetables that can give the body all the nutrients it needs plus they are low in calories and fat so they can help you to feel full and to keep your body at a healthy weight.


Do not fall into the idea of diets and fads that are not healthy for your body.  Some healthy fats are required, and some dies require too many.  Diets that are too strict can be bad as well and can cause people to fail in their weight loss journey.


Exercising more can help to keep your body moving.  It can also remove toxins and help nutrients flow.

Do cardiovascular exercises to keep your lungs, heart and body healthy and to keep your bones strong and your weight down.

Go Outside

Being outside in nature is a good thing for the body and the mind.  Fresh air is good for you and can make you have a better mood.


Walking is another good movement that your body needs.  Go for a walk at your own pace and this can allow you to move your body and clear your mind.


Sleeping is important for your body.  If you wake up too much throughout the night or you don’t get enough sleep, this can be unhealthy.

Make sure that you make napping a part of your day if you are tired.

Sleep when the baby sleeps if you are a mom because we all know that sleeping can be hard when you have a small child or a newborn.

Get help if you need to and take time for yourself just to sleep in.


Having fun is important and it can be a great stress reliever.

Guilt Free

Learn to not be guilty over things and not to stress too much.  Worry causes you to have anxiety and mental problems and it is best to let stress go and to move forward in life.

Have your own self-interests and do not feel bad for standing up for yourself.  Keep up with your goals and love who you are.


Journaling can help to relieve stress and show you how much you have done in your life.  Be thankful for what you have and what you have accomplished and do that by writing it down.

When you write things down you can remember the good things when times are hard.


Meditation can help to manage stress and lower your blood pressure.  Practice this anytime and anywhere you are.  Close your eyes and deep breathe.  Clear your mind and let your good thoughts relax you.

Organize Things

Keep your home and your vehicle organized so that you can have less stress.  Make sure that you are in control of where you live and what you have.

When you sort through things, donate anything that you don’t want.


Living in the moment and experiencing things in your life can help you to combat stress.  Before you go out, figure out what you want to do.

Do fun things like go out with friends or go to dinner.


Smile can make you feel better and can release endorphins in your body that can even take away pain in your body.  Even when you don’t feel like smiling, fake it.

Spend each day practicing smiling for a few minutes and eventually you will do it automatically.


Take time throughout your day to take deep breaths.  We all breathe but most of the time the breaths are shallow and short.

Taking deep breathes will fill your lungs and help your brain to work better.  This can also calm you.


What we tell ourselves is very important and we have to learn that we need to talk to ourselves in a positive way.  We need to change our way of thinking and talking.

Each morning you should talk to yourself about the good things that you do and the things you admire about yourself the most.

Things You Love

Do what you love.  Do you like to ride your bike or garden?  Do it.  Do you want to go out and have fun, do that to?

Take time each day to do things that you love.


Most people have to work but work should not be the only thing that you do in your life.  You must learn to balance your life and your work and to have free time for you.

Everyone needs time to clear their head and so make sure that you leave room for that in your day.  Spend time with your friends, family and with yourself.

Take breaks throughout your day to not answer emails or texts and just to take a few minutes of break.


Find something that gives you peace.  Go to church, practice meditation or do something that will give you peace.  Find a ritual that fits your life the most and will give you peace.

Take this time to rejuvenate your life and have an hour by yourself.

Your Home

Make sure your home is in order and decorated the way that you like it.  Put flowers out on the table or open up the windows for fresh air.

Decorate your kitchen to your liking and get your bedroom in tip top shape.  Make sure your home is cozy and that you are happy where you live.


Get you a pet and you can learn to take care of them and not to be lonely.  This can help to decrease your blood pressure and bring you happiness.

Wash Your Hands

Take time and wash your hands before putting them by your face.  Keep the germs away by washing your hands throughout the day.  Not only can this become a healthy habit, it can also keep your sick form germs.


Take time throughout the day to rest.  Even though you are busy, you have to be able to function in life and the only way you can do this is if you have some rest.

Make bedtime important and have some downtime about an hour before you go to sleep.  Put your phone away and just rest.


Go to the doctor once a year, if you are healthy, just for a checkup.  Doing this can make sure that you are feeling great and that you are healthy.

Put You First

Always make yourself a priority.  Even though we are always doing for others, we have to learn to do for ourselves to make sure that we are taken care of.  Meet all of your own needs before you meet the needs of others.


There are things that you can do to help you be strong both mentally and physically.  You have to take time for yourself and learn to develop good habits.  Work on these daily so you can have a healthy mind and body.