Energy and Emotions

Energy and Emotions

Energy healing is becoming a popular way to resolve all types of problems. But the mechanisms of energy healing are often misunderstood. To better appreciate energy healing, it’s important to understand how energy is connected to emotions. Generally, people are ruled by emotions. Their destinies are frequently determined by the feelings they experience in life’s moments.

Why Emotions Are So Powerful

Emotions and energy are intimately connected. Essentially, emotions are energy that manifests through a person’s thoughts in every moment. In other words, feelings have lives of their own, and they occupy space within people’s bodies.

When people experience powerful feelings like sadness, joy, fear, and rage, they’re acting as a conduit through which their mind is reacting to reality. Feelings tinge every experience, which leaves indelible marks in their body.

That is why breakups are so physically painful and mentally stressful. It’s difficult to forget heartbreak even years later because the energy of the trauma remains ingrained in the body, untouched by the passage of time.

Grief can create a coldness in a person’s chest, and it often gets lodged there. On the other hand, elation will light up a person’s face with a bright smile and will leave a lasting impression that becomes a cherished memory.

When you’re overwhelmed by feelings, excess energy gets stored in different parts of your body. Like any other energy, emotions get stale and noxious if they aren’t expressed in some way. Over time, this stored excess energy can create imbalances not only in different parts of a person’s body but also in their daily life.

Balancing energy is the act of restoring the physical, emotional, and mental systems into harmony with themselves, Blocked emotions are connected to dysfunctional feelings and thoughts. They are energetically and physically stuck in your body. Balancing energy allows you to let go of those blocked emotions.

Balancing energy can restore health to your body, quietness to your mind and happiness to your heart. It allows for the free flow of emotions through your system, which makes it easier for you to release stress and face everyday life with stronger resilience.