Building Your Confidence

Building Your Confidence

Having confidence is not always about what you are able to do, but what you believe you can do. Having a strong sense of self-confidence can get you far in life.

Confidence and believing go hand in hand and they are linked. It doesn’t matter which one developed first, but what matters, is that they are both important and work with the other to make things exist.

When you build your confidence, you have to first believe and then you will be confident in believing that what you think is right.

No one is born and has immediate confidence. This is something that comes depending on the good things and the failures that have happened throughout your life. When you face failure and disappointment, you will be left with the question about what you really knew and what you really believe.

When these questions come, you might have a hard time being confident. Remember though, everyone makes mistakes, faces disappointments, and fails at some time or another. You have to learn to have confidence even when these things come your way.

If you want to not fall each time you face disappointment or failure, you have to learn to create a confidence that can withstand anything.

Statement of Belief

You have to have a strong belief and affirmation in your life to be confident. Your statement can be about what you believe and how you see your abilities.

Having a statement of belief is encouraging yourself and giving yourself power. You have to learn to be fearless even in the chances of failure and success.

The things you speak over your life can help you to overcome disappointments and failures and still accomplishing things that you desire.

Here are some ways to make a statement of belief:

  • Write down different difficulties that you have faced in life.
  • Write some statements of belief, around two sentences each that say how you overcome your problems.
  • Say the statements out loud.
  • Choose statements that make you feel the most positive.

After you are done, memorize the statement that gives you the most positivity or stick it up on your mirror. You can even carry around these statements in your pocket to read when you feel negative or down on yourself.

Say your statement of belief often so that you can keep building your confidence.


You learn things by repeating them over and over again. The more you practice being confident, the more confident you will be.

You already know things you are good at and you need to use these things to your advantage. If something makes you feel good and helps you feel supported, do it.

When you believe you can do something, do it and this will build your confidence.

Expressing your confidence out loud will help you to bring it to existence. Verbalizing your confidence will give you a more positive belief and will help you to validate this feelings. Learn to build confidence in your own life.

Once you get stronger, you will know how to face disappointments without feeling like a failure.


People can make you feel good or bad about yourself. Be careful about who is in your surroundings.

Find people in your life that are confident and that give you a boost of confidence in your own life. These kinds of growth can help you to challenge yourself and to believe in yourself.

The presence of these people will remind you how strong you are when things are hard and will help you to feel that you are never alone.


Proof is the number one way to know that you have succeeded at something. Even your own voice inside of you will cause you to have doubt and will cause you to question your confidence.

We are good at remembering the bad things in life and the things that we failed at, but when we think about things, we did good at, we have a hard time remembering these things.

Take time to write down the things that you were successful about. Even though your inner voice is your hardest critic, you cannot argue with proof and you need to show your proof to boost your confidence.


Learn to trust yourself and the universe that there is always a bigger and better plan for you. Accept when things go wrong and just accept that you are being lead on a different path.

The great thing bout being spiritual is that it helps you to be unique and helps you to have confidence in your future and your life.

What you do know is that people all over the universe want to live their best life, just like you. You can trust that they, just like you, are doing whatever they can to move forward in their journey.

You can trust that when you allow the universe to guide you and you let intuition lead you, you will do the right things.

Having trust in the universe will help to build your confidence and give you something solid to stand on.


Having confidence is very important and what you believe about yourself will affect how confident you really are.

If you believe that you can do something, chances are you can, and you will. This might sound easy, but the truth is, you have to learn to really trust in yourself in order to build your confidence and to be strong.

Practice being confident each and every day and do not be afraid of what life sends you. Surround yourself with positive people that can help build you up and practice whatever it takes to have more confidence.