Healing a Broken Heart

Healing a Broken Heart

One of the fastest ways to help you grow and to move your life forward is being in a relationship. If you are in a relationship and it has ended in some painful way or if your heart is broken, here are some ways that you can get over this pain and learn to feel love and support.


Your soul is constantly growing and even when it is in pain, it is just another chance for it to grow.


You have to feel your emotions in order to heal. Do not push them down or ignore them. Learn to handle your feelings so that you can grow up without letting them fill you with pain.

Rose Oil

Use a little bit of rose oil and massage it into your solar plexus each morning to help open up your heart chakra.


Buy yourself some flowers such as Peonies. These help to heal you and give you an open mind and heart. If you cannot find this flower, roses can work too. Put them in your bedroom or in your kitchen.

Rose Quartz

There are many crystals that can help you heal. Put a Rose Quartz crystal where you sleep or wear it on your body as jewelry. Give this as a gift for someone that has a broken heart.


Find the passion that you have been missing in your life. Learn to be more passion after you have a lost.


Make a list of the things that you love about yourself and read them each day.

Reasons List

Make a list of all the reasons that your relationship did not work out for you and read it before you text your ex.


Get rid of people in your life that you need to heal from. Unfriend them or block them so that you are not tempted to reach out to them.

Healing Podcasts

Find some podcasts online about healing your heart.


Get a nanna blanket and it can help you to feel comfort when you are feeling bad. It can nurture your inner child.

Sacred Place

Find a place in your home that you can make sacred like your bedroom. This is a good room because this is where you sleep. Light candles or put essential oils around the room.


Get rid of stuff that belonged to your ex and move on. Get rid of things in your house that remind you of them or make you feel bad.

Couple Groups

Avoid going out in couple groups. Tell your friends that you just want to be alone right now, and they will understand.


Ask your friends or your family to talk to them and let them give you support. Do not make them decide what you are feeling, instead ask them and tell them.


Take time each day to meditate so you can get to your higher self.


If you are angry, let it come out. Scream and kick things and let your anger flow.


Create a playlist of your favorite songs and dance around the room. Enjoy yourself.


Use sage smudges to clear out the negative energies in your room.

New Bedding

Buy new bedding and get fancy.


Never rush into new relationships. Give yourself time to heal. Do not be clingy or needy and be someone new and fun.


Buy a ring that says hope or gives you something to look forward to. Write lists for yourself towards your healing goals.

Call a Friend

Call a friend and tell them that you need intervention.


Find someone that wants to hug you. Touch can heal you faster than anything. Ask your mom or your family for a hug.


Go and get a massage and let yourself feel good and pampered.

Look After You

Find people that want to help you and look after you. Maybe they can make you dinner or take you out for coffee. Just hang out and have peace.


Know that all things are a learning lesson and so was this relationship. Learn your lesson and heal from it.

Bubble Bath

Take a relaxing bubble bath anytime you need it. Add Epsom salt so that you can get rid of the negativity in your life.

Do Things

Find things that you didn’t do before and do them. Do things and go places that you wanted to go. Learn to have fun.


Take time to read blog posts and online sites on healing.

Wish List

Buy yourself things that you had on your wish list that your ex didn’t buy you.

Be Kind

Be kind to yourself and others. Treat yourself as a precious thing and know what your worth is.


Take time to breathe in and out and let your body relax. Reject any negativity and do this often to relax.


Go and see a healer or a love psychic. When you break up this can be hard, and they can help you through it.

Know Who You Are

Know your worth and learn who you are. The relationship did not define you and neither do things that you do. Learn to enjoy yourself and people will enjoy being around you.

No matter what you feel or think, you are worth it. You are amazing and you are good. Even though your heart hearts, it will not last forever. Know that something good is coming your way and you will be better for the choices that you have made.