Permission to Choose

Permission to Choose

When people are always coming to you for advice or if you are the go-to person when there is a problem, chances are that you have put your own self on the back burner and maybe you do not even know you exist.

The truth is you can choose yourself. Even though you are the go-to person for those around you, chances are that people have not always been there for you like you have been there for them. This can be hard for you when you have your own problems or when you need someone to talk to.

You should always continue to be kind and caring but when you have needs or desires, you need to realize that these things matter too.

Maybe people think that sounds selfish or maybe you are even having a hard time embracing the idea of choosing yourself, but you have to get to the point where you realize that you matter just as much as everyone else does.

If you have friend and family that call you and text you and ask you to always be there for them and you call them when you need something, what happens? Do they show up to help you or do you hear silence on the other end, or worse yet, excuses?

Having friend and family that do not show up means that you need to begin to pull back and begin to choose yourself over others. You are not there to only take care of everyone else and to leave yourself in the dumps.

You have to learn to start choosing you.

You need to choose peace.

You need to choose happiness.

You need to choose love.

You need to choose freedom.

You need to choose people that are going to be there to take care of you, just like you are there to take care of them.

You are allowed to care about who you are and to love yourself. You do not have to feel guilty or feel bad for putting yourself first.

If you have feelings and you need to have peace and happiness in your life, find it. Show up for your own self the way that you are always showing up for others.

Take time out to look at your life and to figure out what you want and need. If you have connections but they are not being there for you, considering finding new friends to connect to. Find people in your life that want to give you attention, just like you give others.

You deserve to be cared about, to have someone love you and put effort into your life. You need to have people in your life that need you and that love you and are thankful for you. You need to find people that will give to you just like you will give to them.

Take time to find who you are. Take one day at a time to become the person that you are for everyone else. Be that person for you. Be the person that cares about your own emotions, that is there for yourself when you need to cry and takes care of yourself when you are in need. Do not look back but learn to choose you.

You are allowed to choose yourself. Embrace it.