Being Resentful

Being Resentful

People that are resentful will hold on to things and not be able to let go of pain and hurt.  They will always be ready to hurt someone that has hurt them.  In the end though, they always hurt themselves.  Nothing can be good about holding on to hatred.

Most people know someone who is resentful, but we must think about how their experiences are deep and how they never learned how to forgive.  This is a hard subject though and even if people talk about how they feel, the truth is that no one is free from feeling unforgiveness.  Sometimes, people have traumatic things happen to them and this can be why they are resentful.

A lot of people that are resentful have been victims in bad situations and things inside of them turn the same feelings up.  This still is not healthy, and it needs to be understood that there has to be a time where you figure out how to let go or your life will always be hard.  It is not uncommon for people’s moods to change and for people that have resentment to never trust anyone.

Resentment causes people to treat others wrong and it can become a person’s identity.


A person that is resentful will keep things inside and hide their pain.  They will keep things in their safe zone because they become to the point where they don’t trust anyone.  They hold in their pain and anger.

Another thing that might happen is the thoughts of revenge.  This doesn’t mean that they will be violent, they just want other people to feel what they feel.


If forgiving was easy, no one would be mad, but we know it isn’t.  We need to understand that in order to move on in life that we have to get over things.  By getting over things, we get rid of bad feelings and we learn that when we are resentful that this can cause us deeper wounds.  Forgiveness can bring about healthy things such as reduced stress.

If you are against or for someone then you think things are either black or white, but this isn’t true.  Having this kind of thought pattern means that you will always be thinking negatively and waiting for someone to betray you.  Never be extreme about things because this pushes people away.


Pride is something that gets in the way of forgiveness.  When people are resentful, they will be defensive and find a way to get upset for no reason.  Small things can set them off and they have a hard time of reaching any kind of agreement.


When we get hurt, we can have negative feelings about someone.  We have the right to have these feelings, but they need to not be forever.  We need to learn to detach ourselves from the pain and stay away from bitterness.

Moving on doesn’t mean that you forgive everything, it means that you are able to open up and work towards new opportunities.  If you do not give yourself a chance to move on, then you will never heal.


Never let your resentment control you.  You must find a way for forgiveness and embracing newness of life.

There are reasons this is important, and it is because by forgiving, it allows us to create a new reality.  People that are resentful need to have flexible thoughts and work towards having a new perspective.

It is best for them to try to manage their feelings and to get rid of thoughts that are not real.

Resentful people need to learn to focus on the present and leave the past behind.  Focusing on new relationships can help you to do this.


Resentment is a thing that no one wants to live in.  Resentment is unhealthy and we have to learn to find a path that can lead us to forgiveness, peace, happiness and dignity.