Remember the following things when everything goes wrong

Remember the following things when everything goes wrong
  1. Pain is part of life

At times, the doors of life are closed because it’s time to move on. And that’s good because unless situations force us to, we won’t move. When going through a hard time always remember it is for a reason. Never forget what the situation taught you. The fact that you are struggling doesn’t mean you are a failure. Every success must be earned. Also, good things take time, be patient and stay positive. Everything will eventually be okay, it doesn’t matter how long it will take.

Know that there are two kinds of pain; pain that changes you and pain that hurts. They both help you grow.

  1. Everything in life is not permanent

When it rains, it eventually stops. Anytime you get hurt, you heal. There is always light at the end of the tunnel. Both good and bad times don’t last forever. If this is not okay right now, don’t worry, they will soon be okay. Just because you are experiencing hard times right now doesn’t mean you shouldn’t laugh. Each moment has a beginning and an end. There is a second chance after every second, all you need is just take advantage of it and make the best out of it.

  1. Worrying and complaining makes everything worse

People who love complaining usually don’t achieve a lot. One should do something and fail than do nothing and succeed. Even if you’ve lost, it’s not over yet, its only become bad if you just complain about it rather than doing something. Keep trying if you believe in something. Do not pay much attention to the past nut focus on the future. If you keep complaining, you won’t change anything.

  1. Your scars are indications of your power

Embrace your scars with love. A scar means you have healed, conquered the pain and grew stronger. You should be proud of your scars. Never allow your scars to put you down. Scars in your life can’t disappear but you can change your view about them. See them as a sign of strength and not pain.

  1. Every struggle is a step forward

Patience is all about working hard towards the realization of your dreams, it’s not all about just sitting and waiting. Therefore, if you are thinking of giving it a try, put in the effort. It means getting out of your comfort zone. It could also mean sacrificing your relationships and friendships to concentrate on your business or studies or whatever you are doing. It could also mean being alone several times. Your determination can also be tested on how much you want it.