Attracting Good Luck to Achieve Goals

Attracting Good Luck to Achieve Goals

Luck is something that is often discussed, but is usually seen as something that you are born with or not. It is part of you or not, but there seems to be no way to change that. However, this perception was likely formulated by those who considered themselves to have “bad luck”. If we believe this, then there is no conscious way to control it, but this may not be completely accurate.

Even though it is impossible to physically attract luck into life, it can be indirectly influenced and bring about things that cultivate traits that form a luck attracting mindset. This means taking specific actions to attract opportunities into life that are labeled as “lucky”. This means luck is the result of unrelated coincidences that come together as a result of the traits we have cultivated, our mindset, and chosen actions.

Traits to Cultivate

Whether done consciously or unconsciously, those who are lucky tend to develop and cultivate a set of traits that attract lucky events and circumstances. These are the individuals branded as lucky, so we should explore how to become one of those people.


Those considered the luckiest have incredible willpower that allows them to persist when adversity occurs. The determination to keep moving forward regardless of obstacles exposes them to greater opportunities in a variety of settings. The harder they push through challenges, the more that are revealed.

Disciplined and Diligent

Those committed to discipline in life in order to reach their goals and objectives are also often considered lucky. The discipline enables them to wholeheartedly focus, blocking distractions, and taking notice of opportunities as they arise.


Pessimists see problems and heartache, but optimists understand that their optimism allows them to identify solutions. Many find this a sign of luck.


Those with what is called the luck factor are naturally generous. They tend to give willingly without motive and this gains respect and admiration of others. As a result of this generosity, they often receive more support and assistance when trying to reach goals.


Lucky people are also humble by nature. This demeanor widens perspective and enables an outward focus so opportunities are not missed.

Calming Effect

Those who hold the luck of the Irish often have the ability to calm others down, making them feel relaxed and comfortable. This builds bonds and relationships that will be helpful if assistance is ever needed.


Those with the luck factor are not detoured by events or life circumstances. This attitude allows them to spot promising opportunities that may be ignored by some that are ruled by emotion.


Those who others believe are lucky are often approachable. This is in part due to a pleasant expression and sincere, open body language. Others will want to interact with them regularly.

Seeks Adventure

The lucky people seek adventure and enjoy life’s unpredictability. Enjoy trying new things and stepping out of the comfort zone to expose them to new people and gain new skills. This offers a wider value of opportunity.


Those blessed with luck understand that eye contact builds quick trust with others and shows sincerity. Once trust is established, new opportunities are shared.

What to Adopt as a Mindset for Luck

While lucky events seem to be attracted effortlessly to those with the luck factor, it is due to a cultivated mindset that enables them to find good fortune. This means we need to practice the following to do the same.

  • Expect It – Expect that positive outcomes and good fortune are coming your way
  • Find Solutions – Every problem has a solution, expect to find it
  • Top Social Interactions – Expect all social interactions to be mutually beneficial and approach them with this in mind
  • Meeting People – Expect that when new people are met that it will go well and opportunities will arise from the meeting
  • Effective Questioning – Questions can influence our lives, so ask what is needed to reach toward goals
  • New Experiences – Expect each new experience to lead to some opportunity
  • Living in the Present – Set goals for the future, but be present in the moment
  • Reframe Events – Learn to reframe events in life to shift perspective from the negative to realistic outcomes that could create growth and development.
  • Focus on Results – Look toward those who have seen results and follow their patterns to success
  • Do Not Dwell – Setbacks, problems, and misfortune will happen in life, but lucky people do not dwell on these
  • Bad Luck as a Positive – Even when bad luck does occur, it does not bring down a lucky person as it is seen as a growth opportunity and a chance to minimize future mistakes. It can also be seen as a good thing because the problem could have been worse.

Lucky Actions

How we choose to act daily can work for or against us. When working for us, things align for what we want most in life. When against us, we face problems and consider ourselves unlucky. To spend most of the time helping things align we need to do the following daily.

  • Relentlessly and proactively network
  • Help get people what they want
  • Create strong emotional ties
  • Use affirmation, intuition, and meditation
  • Continue learning
  • Enhance value for others
  • Be thoroughly prepared
  • Set both long-term goals and daily objectives
  • Persevere
  • Work creatively and harder
  • Take calculated risks
  • Take responsibility
  • Model successful people
  • Act on opportunities
  • Visualize then ask for what you want


While this article is hopefully eye opening, it shows that luck is not a random event, but a series of choices that create a specific mindset which then inspire action. We seal our fate by the choices we make.