Habits you need to start now that will keep you healthy after 40

Habits you need to start now that will keep you healthy after 40

Eat frequently

This will keep your metabolism stoked and energy up. it makes it hard for you to become so hungry such that when you finally get your hands on a snack you overeat.

Research shows that have two or three meals a day is the best choice for those who want to lose weight or maintain it. You will succeed if you embrace a healthy eating habit as you age.

Take carbs with proteins or fat

Taking carbs alone makes it easy for digestion to take place, unlike accompanying it with protein or fat which slows down digestion. These carbs are usually converted into glucose(sugar) which causes a spike in insulin especially when in high levels then crash in your blood sugar making you feel hungry and then you eat a lot. This is an important point to note especially when crafting a meal plan, you will be able to manage well and maintain your weight as your age.

Do everything you can to reduce your stress levels

Everyone can stand to stress less over time, and this will impact your health well over time. The stress hormone known as cortisol is bad for your health and waistline.

Don’t be afraid of fat

The fat you eat doesn’t have any impact on your weight or disease risk. It’s the number of calories you take that matter.

You can’t avoid fats and your body needs it.

Take a mental break

You can relieve stress once you’ve decided to take a mental break. Mental breaks are like a mental cleanse; you can take walks, read a book for a few minutes or just get out of your computer for some time.

Do not skip breakfast

Some individuals don’t love breakfast, and that’s fine. However, DeFazio says that if you skip this meal, you’ll end up eating more calories later since you’ll have the urge to eat. Although the a.m. meal is important, the carbo-fat or carbo-protein combo is the best for your energy.

Concentrate on your food while eating

I know you must have eaten at some point in your life while watching TV, reading or replying work emails. However, according to DeFazio, this is a really bad habit. It’s one that most people in their 20’s find it hard to avoid. Not concentrating on your food while eating leads to overeating. Hence its recommended that you sit down for 15 minutes and eat your food without concentrating on other things. you can’t kill two birds with one stone.

Make sure you eat a pound of produce every day

This is what the World Health Organization recommends. This is not extreme as you think although it sounds a lot.

Research shows that individuals who eat fruits and vegetables a day weigh less and that can affect your health.