Finding Goals to Know the Real You

Finding Goals to Know the Real You

You must be in charge of your own happiness and this happens when you learn to balance your dreams and your expectations.  You have to learn to keep a balance so that you can stay grounded and reach the goals that you have in your life.  When you think about your different goals, do you have to change any of them so that you can make them happen?

Make a Plan

You need to make a plan in order to reach your goals.  You need to stop thinking about why these goals could make you fail and learn to set your goals and have a positive attitude about them.  Start writing in your journal and reflect on what you are thinking.  This is hard, but this is a way to get started.

Week 1

The first week that you want to attain your goals is by figuring out what you want and who you are.  Write down in your journal who you are and do this at least ten times each session.  Even if you feel like you are running out of things to say, figure out a good quality to write down.  Know what good qualities that you have and what negative things you are feeling.  Figure out what is happening in your life.

Week 2

You must know what needs you have and write these down.  Write down whatever comes to you and trust in yourself to write these things down.  If you are not in shape you are not sleeping well, write these down in your journal.  Don’t judge yourself or think that you are being whiny, just write them down.

Week 3

Look at what you have in your life.  Your list will change from a list to different emotions that you are feeling.  You will realize that you can write freely and that you can be responsible for what you are saying.  Write down what you have like a nice house, or a good job, and the negative things too such as bills and no balance.  Let your heart tell you.

Week 4

Next, write down what you want in your life.  There are goals that you have that are deep inside of you and you have to write them down.  Be where your heart is and learn to look around you to see what you want and what you enjoy.  Be creative in what you write down, include your hobbies.

What Does it All Mean?

Once you finish writing those things for a week, look at the things that you might have repeated in each of your weeks.  Do you see recurring dreams and ideas that you have?  Do you see certain patterns that you can now tell are causing you to be down on yourself?

Prioritize your goals and your ideas and figure out which ones are positive and which ones you have a limit on.  Figure out which goals and ideas you can meet and what would cause you to have satisfaction in your life?

What goals and ideas do you feel came from your heart?  Did you write down things that you must have because they are necessary to you in order to live?  See what you can fulfill and what things might be out of reach for you.

If you want to build a better future, write these things down and do it for a week.  If it helps, continue on the next week and the week after until you learn that you can make your dreams come true.