Dangers of Verbal Abuse

Dangers of Verbal Abuse

More than 50% of men and women have had some type of abuse in a relationship from their partner.  Around 20% of women have been threatened by their partner and around 40% have been with a partner that tries to control them or overpower them, sometime in their life.

Many people experience physical and verbal abuse in their relationships.  Abuse of any kind is not okay and needs to be stopped.

Verbal Abuse

When someone abuses you verbally, this type of abuse is different than physical abuse because a broken bone or a scratch will heal, but verbal abuse can last forever.  Research shows that people that are verbally abused will have pain their entire life.  They never forget when this happens to them.


People that are in an abusive relationship often times will have low self-esteem.  This low self-esteem comes from being verbally abused and can stay with someone for their whole life.  These types of relationships can cause people to feel bad about themselves and imagine that they are not worthy.

Support System

Many people cannot understand verbal abuse because there are no real scars.  If a person is physically abused, there is usually some type of support system because the physical scars are present, and people can understand it.  When it is verbal abuse, some people don’t understand the emotional suffering that someone is going through and they often have to deal with it alone.

Eating Disorders

Verbal abuse can make a person feel bad about themselves.  It can make a person feel that no one can love them and that they are fat, ugly or no good.  When this happens, it can lead to an emotional behavior of eating disorders such as anorexia or bulimia.

Substance Abuse

People do drugs and alcohol for many reasons and one major reason I because of verbal abuse.  When someone is abused verbally, they look for a way to find peace and often times to turn drugs or alcohol to do so.  This can bring about relief for a little while and can become habit forming.

Migraines and Headaches

When there is emotional abuse, it can cause people to feel sick in their body.  Some people believe that migraines and headaches can be a direct effect of verbal abuse.


No matter what kind of abuse someone is experiencing, pain is pain.  If you are getting abused, you will experience pain.  Studies show that when a person is abused as a child that they are 36% more likely to be abused by a partner when they become an adult.


One of the biggest problems with being abused is that it can cause that person to become an abuser as well.  When you need to cope with the abuse you have felt over the years, sometimes it leads you to begin to abuse others.  It is more likely that children that have been abused will grow up and commit crimes in their adulthood.

If you know someone that is or has experienced abuse, get them help as soon as you can and help them to heal and to be healthy.  Do what you can to stop the abuse.