In the beginning of the 20th century, there was a big boom of Italian immigrants to the looking back at history, one cannot not ask himself, was this immigration wave beneficial to america? was it beneficial to the Italian? was it beneficial to?

well, a lot of people were skeptical back then, and a lot are still skeptical, for many reasons. the Italian immigrants,before they came to america they heard stories about america that america’s pavements were paved with gold, they expected a better and easier life in america, which in many cases turned out to be wrong.

i once heard a story about an Italian immigrant to america, who had heard in Italy that the pavements in america were paved with gold, when he came to america, he found out 3 things, first that the pavements were not paved in gold, second that the pavement were not paved at all, and third that he was the one who has to pave them.

some say that a small percentage of the Italian immigrants had given a bad name to all Italian immigrants, by conducting criminal activities, such as the cosa nostra, organized crime.

until this day there are still Italian immigrants who immigrate to america, threw the dv lottery . that in itself, says a lot about Italy in the last hundred years. that it still has poor people, it still has organized crime, it still has corruption.

On the other side, there are people who say ,that Italian immigrants has contributed a lot to the united states. they have contributed a wonderful Italian culture which is very unique and beautiful. they have contributed tremendously to the united states economy, by working in all of the manual labor jobs, and thus literally building the united states.

until this very day, still live in Italian neighborhoods, within their own communities, some will say that has helped them over the years to preserve their unique culture.